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2010 Blueprint

Page history last edited by Sean Cranbury 10 years, 1 month ago

In early July we asked fans & participants to help us better organize this year's Bookcamp by filling out an online survey. It yielded some very interesting results.


In an effort to better focus the discussion for the day - while leaving ample room for inspired tangents and sidetracks - we've posted a distillation of your responses below.


Please take a look at them and continue to formulate ideas about sessions that you'd like to lead and/or participate in.


Survey Results


I'm interested in the following topics: [check all that apply] 
  • 27.2% Multiplatform publishing (print, ebook, mobile, etc)
  • 20.4% Online community (social media, promotions)
  • 19.7% New publishing business models
  • 15.8% Digital reading experiences
  • 10.8% Book-technology partnerships (working with developers)
  • 6.1% others...
I want to learn more about: [check all that apply]
  • 19.1% Ebooks
  • 15.4% Workflow Processes
  • 13.5% Marketing
  • 12.5% Business Models
  • 11.3% Online Community
  • 28.2% Others: Creating and selling a digital book on Amazon; Is it worth working with an agent? Ins & outs of working with traditional publishers; Contracts. Is it better to publish traditionally or online?; Issues of copyright/piracy; future of print
I can learn best through: [check all that apply] 
  • 30.9% How-to Sessions
  • 27.5% Discussion
  • 27.1% Case Studies
  • 14.5% Idea/Brainstorming Sessions
The type of informal session that I would find most helpful is:
  • 45.8% An open/barcamp-style session where sessions are pitched and the audience votes on the sessions they want to attend
  • 29.9% A networking session where the audience can mingle and have open discussions about topics that came up during the day
  • 20.6% A pitch session where the audience can pitch business ideas and/or problems and get feedback
  • 3.7% Other: Traditional conference structure with space for open dialogue and discussion within pre-planned sessionsOther:, a session where everyone gets together and tries to learn to do something. create an ebook for example?speed dating with agents/publishers
The session that would solve all my problems would be called: (I organized these into categories)
 Digital Publishing
  • Digital Publishing: From Manuscript Assessment to Promotion
  • Digital book publishing 101
  • How to create an ebook from start to finish, not including theory, just including step-by-step instructions
  • DIY tools to make digital publishing work for small/medium publishers
  • DIY ebook production with open source tools
  • How to extend the story beyond the pages: case studies in storytelling
  • Here's how you can make a living writing over the next year (because who knows what publishing will be like 2 years from now)
  • How get off your ass and write a book: Planning & Scheduling
  • Leveraging Online Success into Print Contracts
  • Negotiating your first book deal with the publisher and the best tools to do that and how to get your next book deal.
  • As an author, what rights are best to keep? How do you use the digital rights?
  • How to make time to write
  • Where authors and publishers collide
Publishing Industry
  • Make yourself so useful someone will have to hire you
  • How to get a job in publishing in 2011
  • How to work for publishers yet still live in Vancouver (aka How NOT to have to move to Toronto)
  • How to decouple the $ earned to hours worked relationship
  • Convincing the Publishing Industry that the Web Really, Really Matters
  • Solving all your problems in publishing
  • How to keep up with the latest publishing technologies while not going bankrupt taking expensive courses.
  • You're Nothing Without Your Metadata / The Future is Discoverable
  • Just fill in your databases properly, publishers. It's not that hard.
  • How to Monetize Microfiction :)
  • How to be a Successful Freelancer Online (Beyond Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn)
  • How to make $ from your books
  • The Seamless Replacement for Word Track Changes That Works with InDesign
  • How to Get Into Transmedia Writing and Producing
  • Growing Your Revenues
  • How to Get a Distributor to "Think New Economy"
  • print in the digital age

  • selling ebooks for independents
  • Hands-on advice/tips for creating and using ebooks  
  • Choosing an eBook Reader
  • Building our Community Online
  • Creative Promotion for Small Literary Magazines
  • Will online communities save publishing?
  • Social Media and you
  • e-marketing
  • Keeping Bookstores Alive while Embracing Digital Reading
  • How to become a librarian in one year

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